Community Investments & Engagement span Retail, Financial Services, Technology, Real Estate, Sports and Non-Profit Sectors


Team America is a platform of cross-sector organizations to drive inclusiveness, tolerance, and opportunity for all in 4 core issue areas: Character & Leadership, Service & Engagement, Spiritual & Community Uplift, and Economic Empowerment

Snug Pet Resort and Snug Animal Hospital, located in San Diego’s Sorrento Valley, offer a full compliment of comforts, health care services, training and assistance to pet owners and their furry friends.

Part of Team America's Character & Leadership Initiative:

Building Elite Citizens through Character & Leadership Training, Education Resources, and Functional Performance 

Fan engagement and community relations program development and advancement for the Los Angeles Chargers. 

Part of Team America's Character & Leadership Initiative:

Rewarding top performing Students, Athletes, Educators in civic and leadership engagement, and academics with awards, experiences, and scholarships.

Enhancing the Lives of Deserving Families by Engaging in Programs to Promote Education, Social and Cultural Awareness, and Positive Self-Esteem